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Who we are:

Safeshield Security is the number one and highly trusted surveillance camera installation provider in Los Angeles. We install many types of systems including: CCTV Security Cameras, Wireless Security Cameras, Nanny Cameras and Baby Monitors. We also repair existing CCTV Security Cameras Systems.

At Safeshield Security we can also help you get your existing CCTV Security Cameras System online or to Analyze and a state of art 1080P HD CCTV Security Cameras System with Remote Cameras Access at an affordable price. We also offer monthly payment plans and maintenance agreements to our clients.

We are located in Los Angeles with over 1,000+ satisfied customers. Having served the Greater Los Angeles area since 2010, Safeshields Security’s team of licensed field technicians have successfully completed the installation of well over 1000 business and home surveillance systems.  Whether it is a commercial, a residential, an office, or an industrial space, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has established itself as a trusted name in surveillance security systems.


We will deploy a custom solution that will meet your exact needs.


We are just a phone call away and fully support our systems.


We have secured your priorities, you can move forwards, worry free.

Our services

Security Camera Installation

We offer several packages from high-end to low-end that will meet your specific needs.


Check the status of the locks in your home while on the go


Using Home Automaton you can access your devices while on the go

Security systems

Cloud Managed security systems so you can feel safe while out of town

The Presence of Security Surveillance Cameras Can Deter Bad Behavior

8 Year Reputation


Thousands of Dollars Saved

1000+ Systems Installed


Over 3000 clients

What clients say

Security Services

For corporate clients AND HOMES

Want to keep an eye on your nanny or caregiver? Do you suspect misbehavior from your employees? Or do you simply want to keep an eye on your home while you’re away?

Security surveillance cameras can help with all of these situations. Monitor your home or business by installing our security camera systems. Use our DVRs and monitors to watch the live feed or store footage for later review. Connect your security camera system to your phone or laptop and view your security camera feeds from remote locations.

When you’re not actively watching, motion sensors help to identify unusual behavior. You can alert authorities of suspicious activity from wherever you are.

Cloud Monitored Smoke Alarms
Cloud Controlled Locks
Cloud Controlled Thermostats